What is Drawing Number One?

Dan Romer is a New York born and raised music producer,writer,mixer and film composer based out of his studio in Los Angeles. Dan’s first major credit was performing on and mixing/mastering Ingrid Michaelson’s debut album 'Girls and Boys'. He went on to produce her subsequent albums 'Be Ok' & 'Everybody'.

He has produced albums for an array of amazing artists on both indie and major labels including Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, He Is We, April Smith, Lelia Broussard, Jukebox The Ghost and A Great Big World.

In addition to his production work with artists and labels he is an accomplished film composer and string arranger. He has scored the music for two award winning short films ‘Death To The Tinman’ and ‘Glory At Sea’ and recently scored the four time 2013 Oscar nominated film ‘Beasts of The Southern Wild’.

Filmography (CS/Co-Scored, S/Scored)

  • ‘Beasts of The Southern Wild’ - CS
  • ‘Sleepwalking in The Rift’ - S
  • ‘The Life and Death of Tommy Chaos and Stacey Danger’ - S
  • ‘Tomorrow We Disappear’ - S
  • ‘Glory At Sea’ - CS
  • ‘Death To The Tin Man’ - CS

Selected Record Discography (W/Write, P/Produce, M/Mix)

  • A Great Big World - forthcoming album on Epic - P/M
  • Scars on 45 - writing new material for forthcoming album
  • Jukebox The Ghost ‘Safe Travels’ - P/M
  • Jenny Owen Youngs ‘An Unwavering Band of Light’ - W/P/M
  • Ingrid Michaelson ‘Girls and Boys’ ‘Be Ok’ P/M and ‘Everybody’ - P
  • He Is We ‘My Forever’ - W/P
  • Lelia Broussard ‘Masquerade’ - P/M
  • Ian Axel ‘This is the New Year’ - P/M
  • April Smith ‘Songs for a Sinking Ship’ - P/M